OCD wrath

Sep. 11th, 2010 12:47 am
hildico: (Elendira - Friends & Enemies)
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Yes, stepmom, the appropriate response to "I have OCD and intrusive thoughts" is to declare me a dangerous schizophrenic who should not be allowed in the house or near small animals or children.

You say you want to help me, but then when I tell you my CBT is going to be long and complicated and likely to make my anxiety worse before it gets better, you freak out and tell me I'm "not getting better fast enough". When I have a shitty day and need to hide in bed, you flip out and stamp on my ceiling or pound up and down the stairs for hours before finally slamming open my door and yelling at me. You claim you have "anxiety too", but show no compassion or patience for mine. You call my therapist wanting to put me in group homes for mentally low-functioning adults despite that being completely inappropriate for me. You tell me I don't tell you enough, but when I talk, you don't fucking listen.

Oh, and Dad? Grow some damn balls and stick up for me for once in my life.
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